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Photography Competition

The winners have been announced! The photography competition was launched in April as part of the subsitute events for the annual parade. Participation was possible in four categories and over 180 entries were received. Each category was judged by a expert jury finally producing four stunning photographs and four winners.: Gieny Westra (category (Semi)Professionals); Hanneke van Rij (Social Influencers); Melanie Cederhout (Category Youth) en Gerard Out (Categorie History). The four winning photos will be part of next year’s exhibition “75 years Bloemencorso Bollenstreek”. Each winner will also receive a prize and the winning photographys will be extensively published in the local press and online media.


1. (Semi) Professional

Winner Gieny Westra

: The bulb fields seen through a crystal ball. Who knows what the future will bring and where it is leading? The contrast in the opposite world in the ball appealed to the judges. A creative angle showing the joyful colour combination of the flowers in the less joyful period around Corona. The feeling of spring, but also the classic bulb fields taken from a suprising angle.

Jury: Rudi Tuinman and Pascal Koeleman (2Dezign)

This category is especially for (semi) professionals. The judges expect to see high quality images with a creative or unique angle. How this is achieved is of course up to the photographer,but the image should fit within the framework of the parade and the joys of spring. Get that photographic eye working!

2. Youth

Winner: Melanie Cederhout

: The winning photo in the category Youth (up to 15 years) is a typical parade portrait. You can see the sun shining and in the background a colourful float. In the foreground is a radiant Melanie enjoying the beautiful weather and the beautiful float. Congratulations Melanie!

Jury: Terry Hesseling (Member of the Communications Committee and jointly responsible for the social media).

This category is specially for the youth up to 14 years of age. The arrival of the smartphone has meant that you no longer have to be a professional photographer to take a good picture, although a good composition remains an art in itself. After all, the joy of spring is for both young and old.

3. History

Winner: Gerard Out

: The winning photo in the Category History/Archive shows more than just a highly decorated float. Even though the image is not sharp it gives away many clues about the time period in which it was taken. On the right you can see a figure with a large white cap. This was part of a policeman's uniform in the 1950s. The public is lined up neatly behind him with no need for any barriers. The NS logo on the float was used between 1946 and 1962 and the text NEEM DE TREIN (Take the train) shows how the news of the day 50 years ago was the source of inspiration for the floral decorations. In a period when cars and busses were becoming more popular this was a call to keep travelling by train. The text on the windows was painted by hand and you can see an old Kodak sign. The timing of the photo is also impressive. Someone is leaning out of a train window on the float in the same way that the people in the house behind are leaing out to follow the parade. Does anyone know which street this is? Let us know!

Jury: Celina Yavelow is medewerker beeld- en audiovisuele collecties bij het Noord-Hollands Archief.

This category is for those who have photographs from the past tucked away somewhere at home. Think special moments, well-known floats and personal memories. If possible from before 1999. we would like to see images from (way) before 1999. We can’t wait to behold your hidden gems.

4. Social influencers

Winner: Hanneke van Rij

: Choosing from so many good entries was not easy, but in the end I had my winner. I chose the photo from Hanneke where light and colour go hand in hand. The photo shows the dark sky which we saw more often this spring, together with the red tulips. This captures in one image the area with its diversity of the seasons.

Jury: Eva van der Kwast (Member of the Communications Committee and jointly responsible for the social media).

This category is for the photographer with a following of (digital) photo fans? Are you ready to get creative? Let spring shine through your (telephone) lens, assemble the most likes on social media and maybe you will be the first Bloemencorso Bollenstreek influencer. 

Portraits from the parade

The parade was cancelled in 2021
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Portraits from the parade

Spring Photography Competition

The winning photos and the winners have been announced.



The Bloemencorso of the Bollenstreek is the largest spring festival in The Netherlands. This colourful, fragrant spectacle is celebrated annually during one week of the year by more than one million visitors. The main highlight of the event is the parade on Saturday when the colourful floats and the luxury vehicles decorated in masses of flowers travel the 42 km route. The addition of cheerful music from the marching bands and amusement on and around the floats all contribute to the excitement of the event as experienced by the stream of visitors from home and abroad.

20th to 24th April 2022




The Bollenstreek Bloemencorso can be followed via our Livestream. Watch and enjoy the colourful splendour from the comfort of your easy chair as the parade traverses the Bollenstreek.

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On 23rd April 2022 our parade travels from the floral beach resort of Noordwijk to the floral city of Haarlem 



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