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Corso Group KAVB Hillegom-Haarlem

"Feeling like a fish in the Water" is the theme for this float representing the freedom felt when swimming in the sea. The float is decorated by Stakers Group KAVB Hillegom-Haarlem.

Corso Group KAVB Noordwijkerhout

Corso group KAVB Noordwijkerhout has chosen "With your head in the Clouds" as the theme for this year. This is ultimate feeling of freedom.

Community of Noordwijk

"Noordwijk Embraces" is the name of the float showing four hands reaching out to show hospitality to all visitors whatever their race, gender, religion, nationality or sexuality. Each of the four hands represents one of the centres which make up the municipality: Noordwijk on Sea, Noordwijk Interior, Noorwijkerhout and De Zilk.

Community of Lisse

"Panorama Tulipland'' is the title of Lisse's Float and represents the freedom of the open bulb growing landscape between the major cities in the west of The Netherlands.

Community of Hillegom

Hillegom has chosen "Emerging as a Butterfly" as the theme for 2022. Emerging from your own cocoon when the time is right you can fly away to freedom. Together we make a WONDERFUL HILLEGOM.

Community of Teylingen

"Defended for Freedom" is the theme here depicted by the ancient Teylingen Ruins built to defend the County of Holland and the North-South route.

City of Haarlem

"Haarlem 775 years a Blooming City"' is the theme of the city's Float. On 23rd November 1245 the city of Haarlem received its Charter from Count Willem II.

Haarlem Entrepreneurs

''BIZ Haarlem Centre'' is the name of this float representing the culture, retail and culinary experiences which can all be found in the centre of the city.

Van der Valk Hotels Leiden and Schiphol

On the float ''Born to Discover'' the Van der Valk Tucan can be seen flying out of it's cage showing that the hotels are always looking to innovate and improve by thinking out of the box.

Broadcaster MAX

At the end of 75th anniversary commemorations of the end of WWII, MAX looks back at the journey to freedom with the float "In the Footsteps of the Liberation.


A million visitors from all countries and cultures visit the Keukenhof each year. ''Freedom to Travel" is the theme for their Float in 2021.

Rabobank Bollenstreek

'Rabobank Bollenstreek as a local bank is close to the Bulb district. ''Bee closer and Free" is the theme of the float honoring bees as pollinators in food production.


"Spread your wings in Heathcare" shows the areas where this Healthcare company is active and uses its mascot the seagull as a symbol bringing healthcare and peace.

Peoples Republic of China

The Dutch Flower Park with its millions of tulips can be found in the district Dafeng in the city of Yancheng. It atracts many millions of visitors yearly who also learn about Dutch culture, cuisine and windmillls. Fertility was brought to the area in 1919 by a Dutch engineer Hendrik de Rijker who created a Polder landscape.

Corso Group De Zilk

De Zilk's design is ''Battle for Freedom'' Using the colours and traditions of the North American Indians, it reminds us of how many peoples have had to fight for freedom.


Foundation Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is a non-profit organisation supported by many hundreds of volunteers in a large social network. Over a million visitors from home and abroad enjoy this annual spring parade. Entry is free along the 42 km route from Noordwijk to Haarlem and in Noordwijkerhout. Foundation Friends of the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is responsible for crowdfunding and other activities to provide financial support.

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