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The Connecting Bridge

We have built a bridge.....

By building this bridge we hope to show the public the connection between China and The Netherlands. The powerful bond between both countries is expressed by this Connecting Bridge. The Panda and the Cow are the symbols representing each of our fine Countries. Not only nature and culture, but also trade are areas where we can appreciate each other, and we are delighted to show these on the float.

A young panda and a baby calf cross the bridge to keep meeting so that we can move towards the future together. It is the youth that hold the key to creating a better future.

The dragon dance is a celebration of this moment together. A bridge of appreciation and recognition. A bridge towards the future. Let us build and trust.

Floral Design: Pascal Zijlmans
Decorators: Muziekvereniging Da Capo
For more information on the decorators see here.