Kitty Does Elsgeest

I was born and raised in the bulb district and watched the parade every year. As a child this was a day of celebration and the day of the parade is still a my special day.

Hans & Louise

We have been involved in the parade since the swimming club Watervrienden from Lisse took on the decoration of one of the floats.

Stan van Oers

I have been involved as a volunteer with the parade since 2005. At that time I was on the committee of the Allotment Society Elsgeest in Voorhout and we were asked to help decorate the floats.


We are Allstars a Dutch cover band. We travelled with the parade on 4 occasions over the whole route from Noordwijk to Haarlem performing a live music marathon.

Ferdinand Warmerdam

Van Zyverden has been closely involved with the parade for as long as he can remember.

Riet Laros-Velthoven

In 1965 the 100,000st car rolled off the belt at the Daf car factory in Eindhoven.

Wendy Verkleij

For the second year in a row the traditional annual parade has been cancelled. The teamwork, the excitement, the fantastic floats, all will be sorely missed.

Brigitte Mooijekind

I started as an actor on one of the floats and am now a long-time member of the entertainment committee.

Julia Hogervorst

At home we grow Hyacinths so it is extra special to see them on the the floats as they drive though the villages.