Jan Hein de Boer (1)
In memoriam Jan Hein de Boer

Ons bereikte het droevige bericht dat Jan Hein de Boer is overleden.

Hiermee verliezen we een trouwe corsovrijwilliger. Vanaf 2007 tot 2019 heeft Jan Hein zich verdienstelijk gemaakt als secretaris jureringen van het Bloemencorso Bollenstreek. Een taak die hij op de achtergrond altijd met veel passie en kennis van zaken verrichtte.

Flowers from the Heart

This year the parade has been cancelled so instead of bringing the people to the parade, we are bringing the parade to the people. This particular campaign centred on the nomination of worthy individuals who deserved to receive a bunch of flowers. The response was totally overwhelming and before we knew it the maximum number of nominees had been reached.

Time for our volunteers

In a period when minutes seem to last for hours, time can also race past us. We remember hearing for the first time that the parade was cancelled. What a disappointment but at the same time it made us even more determined to shine in 2021 with all the glory […]

Press Release 12th March 2021

Flowers from the Heart Campaign: Bloemencorso Bollenstreek may not be riding this year from Noordwijk to Haarlem, but that does not mean we have taken a back seat. To keep the heart of the parade pumping we have already presented a package of alternative activities […]