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The Flower Bulb Boys

De Flower Bulb Boys tell the story of our Bulb District with two of the group working in a nursery in beautiful Hillegom.

These young entrepreneurs stand for the flower bulb trade. They demonstrate what is needed to grow a flower from a bulb. Old techniques are still in use, but modern cultivation techniques are now central in the process. Sustainability is meanwhile a key theme for the future.

A t.v.series following this group of young growers has been produced and can be watched via:

During the design process for the float the ideas around a tractor were straightforward as this has been a tool which has been used for decades. This is therefore on the front wagon. The back was more difficult for the designer. How to portray the Bulb Boys? Finally, the brilliant idea came to show them as shapes carrying equipment from the past and the present.

Floral Design: Marlene van de Ploeg
Decorators: Scouting Lisser Kaninefaten
For more information on the decorators see here.