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Magical Dream World

Everyone who follows the news will know what is happening in the world right now: climate crisis, wars on several continents and rising inflation as the final straw. How fine it then is to dream in a magical world and escape reality just for a moment.

Lisse’s float this year has as theme “Magical Dream World” which will immerse young and old in a fantasy world full of magic. Unicorns, mythical figures from the past are symbols for purity and loyalty and these creatures form the dream world together with the rainbow which stands for hope, peace, and comfort. They are the light at the end of the tunnel in difficult times, a promise of a new start as every cloud has a silver lining and behind it the sun. One small ray of sunshine can turn a dark shower of rain into a beautiful rainbow. Let us join hands and hope for a beautiful future.

Floral Design: Karin Pasman
Decorators: Scoutingroep Shawano’s Lisse
For more information on the decorators see here.