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Festival of the Elephants

Each year our group rises to the challenge of building a beautiful float.

We do this for ourselves, our volunteers, but primarily for everyone who loves flowers and the bulb district. For many years, our group has chosen a design where animals play the key role. With “Festival of the Elephants” we intend to build a large float with striking colours and gorgeous floral arrangements integrated into the design.

In India, the Elephant is National Heritage.
In many religions the Elephant is considered as a holy animal for instance in Thailand and India
In Hinduism the Elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom and of royal dignity and power.
In Buddhism the Elephant symbolises love and charity. In other countries e.g. Sri Lanka there are even festivals honouring the Elephant.
In landen als Sri Lanka worden er zelfs festivals ter ere van de olifant gehouden.

Floral Design: Michael van Namen
Decorators: Corso group KAVB Hillegom Haarlem en omstreken
For more information on the decorators see here.