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SpongeBob – 25 Years Old

SpongeBob SquarePants, an icon who has made generations happy with his optimism and irresistible charm is 25 years old! This colourful resident of Bikini Bottom has not only won over the hearts of children, but also inspired adults with his timeless humour and resilience. His iconic presence is a celebration of eternal joy and positivity in the world of entertainment. SpongeBob’s unforgettable journey is made even more special by his trusty friends: the ever-optimistic Patrick and his pet snail the thoughtful Gary. Together they are the colourful cast of personalities who form the core of SpongeBob’s adventures. Their friendship emphasises the strength of togetherness and makes SpongeBob an icon who not only stands for humour, but also for the value of friendship and diversity.

Nickelodeon has chosen to honour 25 years of SpongeBob by featuring him as the theme for their float.

Floral Design: Miranda ter Voorde
Decorators: Handbalvereniging Foreholte
For more information on the decorators see here.