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North Holland Water Sport Province

The province of North Holland is the ideal spot for lovers of water sports. The North Sea, the Ijsselmeer and the many lakes and canals make North Holland unique. For surfing, wind foiling or swimming in open water, this is the perfect location. Cruising in an electric boat, sailing in a dinghy or rowing in a canoe, the Dutch landscape is a beautiful backdrop. Rich green polders, picturesque villages and towns. The Province of North Holland will that all residents enjoy water sports and invests in water sport and water recreational facilities.

Inge Quint (designer)‘’Water sport activities have paid an important role all my life. As soon as I need to relax, I take to the water. This design has allowed me to make use of the most cheerful colours. My fascination for ever-moving water will certainly be evident in the floral work”

Floral Design: Inge Quint
Decorators: Musical Society St. Cecilia Voorhout
For more information on the decorators see here.

Water recreation in the Province of North Holland.