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Our Rescuers

An ode to the brave group of amazing volunteers who 24 hours a day in all weathers, by night and changing tides stand at the ready for the safety of our residents and our visitors.

On the front wagon Noordwijk Rescue Brigade (NRB)

The Noordwijk Rescue Brigade helps on the beach and the surf line. From its rescue posts it conducts surveillance on the beach making sure that the public are safe in and around the sea’s edge. It also carries out first aid duties, is the first port of call for lost children and monitors the weather and the currents. The Brigade gives annual lessons to children on the dangers of the sea as well as courses on rip currents. Thanks to the rescue brigade, residents and visitors can safely enjoy the beach. If required, the Rescue Brigade can be called out in an emergency to help the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution conduct searches at sea. The Rescue Brigade is formed entirely from volunteers.

On the rear wagon: Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM)

Various coastal towns have their own Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Institution stations and Noordwijk is one of these. It turns out in all weathers if there is a calamity at sea. The KNRM is tasked with rescuing humans and animals in the sea and other stretches of coastal water (mainly along the surf line). The institution is called to action for a missing person or an accident at sea with for instance a boat or a kite. Its help is also enlisted if an ambulance is unable to reach the beach by bringing the paramedics to the victim. Rescuers in the RNRM work entirely as volunteers. In 2024 the KNRM celebrates its bicentennial.

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