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Teylingen blooms and grows

A float full of symbolism, with in the centre a young child which point to new life and the future. The fantasy tree is a symbol of strength and growth, the surrounding water for connection and the many flowers for love, life and happiness. Finally, the birds stand for nature, freedom and peace which we in The Netherlands take for granted, but which is definitely not self-evident. Let us hope the next generation will take care of our planet.

"The municipality of Teylingen flowers and grows” is this year more relevant than ever with two new housing projects under construction.

Teylingen makes sustainability promises in the areas of circularity, biodiversity, energy, climate and health and these come to fruition in the development of the new housing projects De Blomentuin in Sassenheim and Nieuw-Boekhorst in Voorhout. New life will be literally created in meadowlands as young people start a family while newly planted young trees and plants will mature into fully grown green.

The youth holds the future. We see this all too clearly in Teylingen with a younger generation that follows its own path, but is equally keen to contribute, brainstorm and participate. This can start already at an early age if we show them that they are heard and have a valuable place in society.

We have therefore given two classes of primary school children the opportunity to be a real part of the Teylingen float by getting them to stake the flowers on one specific area. This way we involve the youth in society, and you can’t start early enough.

Floral Design: Ilse Rambags and Joyce Breuren
Decorators: Volkstuinvereniging Elsgeest, Voorhout
For more information on the decorators see here.