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It’s a colourful world!

Our world is composed of contrasts. Situations are often seen as black and white while they can also be looked at as colourful. Teamwork is the central theme in the colourful world on the float. The colourful animal kingdom lives in harmony and the colours provide additional positive, sparkling energy. Colourful teamwork is essential in our society. Who doesn’t want positivity and colour in our world?

Judith de Frankrijker: ‘’It is an exciting challenge using flowers and plants creatively in a design within the chosen theme."

You must take into consideration the design, the materials and the use of colours. In addition, the lighting, music and actors need to be coordinated with the design to achieve the total picture. Important links in the chain are Van der Valk, owner of the float, the decoration team and the entertainment team. Of course, we must not forget all the others who work behind the scenes and play an important role (welders, wrappers, foam sprayers). All aspects together form the final float.

"My passion in addition to design and floral work on the float is to create a final float which the public can enjoy. In short: I look forward to the decoration days and all the wonderful people who play a role in the realisation of this float!”

Floral Design: Judith de Frankrijker
Decorators: Voetbalvereniging Foreholte Voorhout
For more information on the decorators see here.