Participating Floats

For all our participants the spring jitters began already back in the autumn. This is when the drawing, designing, welding and wrapping of the models commences. A team under supervision of a designer decides the theme and look of the construction and all the additional parts that make up the final float. At the beginning of March we reveal all our handiwork during the sneak preview. From then on everyone knows which floats will ride in April. We are pleased to present the whole collection here.

List of the 2024 Participants Floral Designers
Keukenhof – 75JaarKeukenhof
Keukenhof 75 Years! - The famous spring flower exhibition Keukenhof celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2024.....
GemeenteLisse – Droomwereld
Municipality of Lisse
Magical Dream World - Everyone who follows the news will know what is happening in the world right now: climate crisis, wars on several continents and rising inflation.....