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Date performance21-04-2022
Starts at:21:00

Jeanne d'Arc

Line up
Jeanne d'Arc is composed of 45 musicians of all ages who play a wide selection of music. The current composition of the wind orchestra includes the following sections: trumpets, trombones, tuba, baritone, horns, clarinet, flute, piccolo, saxophone, base guitar, and both rhythmic and melodic percussion. The clarinet section could use some additional players and there is room for a bassoon, a contrabassoon and an oboe.

Peter Habraken

Jeanne d'Arc plays rock and pop music, film music and melodies from musicals. The orchestra also plays classical compositions specifically composed for wind orchestras.

Concerts and performances
The orchestra has provided music for a number of local events including a spring concert with the theme ''Circus''.

The orchestra organises concerts which often include an element of surprise. They work together with other organisations and choirs e.g. a Christmas concert together with Theaterschool Teylingen with songs from the muscial Oliver Twist. Or the Christmas concert OverHOOP van 2019 together with Amateur dramatic group Louis Bouwmeester and Elan choir.

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