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Date performance17-04-2024
Starts at:21:00

Livingstone ( the Art of Music )

Both of us have a a wealth of musical experience having played in various bands and theatrical companies including: Catflap, Animal, Super Friday and Zet Aan and outside LIvingstone we are still active in other bands. As we wanted to bundle our experience and investiage a new musical direction, we started Livingstone.

Together we wrote a rock opera with the following experience and thoughts.

Blue shadow lines

Shadow sides, the periods in your life which you go through and as the shadows stay black there is nothing left. Blue Shadows give colour where energy, hope and future is there to be discovered.

The songs describe the searches and experiences the sadness, hope and the positivity which can be found if you only want to search for it.

“The Covers”

To create publicity outside the rock opera we have developed a programme of pop song covers which we play acoustically. The choice of these covers is personal and we are sure that the public will be with us.

This is a way of creating connection and bringing attention to our other project.

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